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Jul 24, 2010 8:00am EDT
stories making headlines. >>> top stories, it is already a deadly day for u.s. troops in afghanistan. two separate ied explosions claimed the lives of five american troops. very little information is out at this point other than both roadside bomb attacks happened in southern afghanistan. >>> listen to this discovery. along the u.s.-mexican border, suspected casualties of the ongoing mexican drug cartel wars. they have found now nine hidden mass graves. at least 38 bodies recovered so far. local attorney general says he believes some of the dead may have been buried as recently as just a few days ago. >>> and a flurry of pink slips have 241 teachers walking away from d.c.'s public school system. the firings are called "performance related." the teachers union says a new evaluation process for instructors was flawed. >>> so let's keep an eye on the weather. we always are. the weather system really churning through the gulf. it has weakened but tropical depression bonnie is still hampering clean-up efforts at bp's leak site. >> jacqui jeras is keeping an eye on things. we're always a l
Jul 3, 2010 6:00am EDT
u.s. diplomats at the american embassy in kabul, marking the fourth of july. top commander in the region leading force there's. the same general petraeus arrived though with militants attacked a u.s. aide agency killing 5 people, another 20 were wounded. >>> it continues as it has been continue for some time now. 75 days. another live puck chur. this is still up. and the oil is still flowing. day 75 of this oil disaster. what is happening today? scientists are meeting with the epa to talk about the chemical dispersants. a lot of controversy. they're supposed to help break up the oil but some concern about how it might affect marine life. they're going to study these more. the first study showed the chemicals alone don't impact marine life. researchers still estimating between 35 and 60,000 barrels of oil have been gushing into the gulf every single day since april 20th. hurricane alex, well, hurricanes, tropical storm, but alex, the storm, still having an impact even though it's kind of gone away from the gulf at least, the clean-up efforts. it's a problem. the reason it's a probl
Jul 3, 2010 8:00am EDT
night spot early yesterday. one of the dead identified as a man with dual u.s. and colombian citizenship. police say they believe the shooting was drug related. they are looking for two gunmen. >>> we'll turn to afghanistan now where there is a new man on the job. that new man david petraeus just approved by the senate this week already in afghanistan and on the job replacing general stanley mcchrystal who was in charge but resigned last week in the wake of the whole magazine article flip. we go to kabul. hello to you once again. the general is on the job now, back in afghanistan, so what is his message? i know he's meeting with some of the troops on this 4th of july weekend. what message is he bringing on his first couple of days back on the job? >> reporter: well, hi, t.j. it is the first day on the job for general david patraeus as the top nato commander here in afghanistan. his day started out as any top nato commander's would. he went to the morning briefing, a daily briefing, and a nato spokesperson said he was actively engaged, asking questions, trying to get a lay of
Jul 17, 2010 6:00am EDT
, this looks like a five-day event that's going to take place across the central u.s. quite a spell taking place here. >> a spell, that's a good way to put it. karen maginnis in for us while reynolds is out in the gulf. always good to have you. going to talk to you plenty. >>> coming up, the iphone 4, you heard plenty about it. millions of them have been sold. it's the coolest thing out there, if you can only get the dog gone thing to work. apple has a problem. now they have a fix for it. is it going to work? josh levs coming up to explain. josh levs coming up to explain. 16 minutes past the hour. ce >>> how come you don't call me? because my iphone doesn't work, that's why. josh levs here with this story. this is amazing. a phone you've got to spend $300 for. you can't even make a phone call. i know i'm exaggerating. >> that's what people said $300. >> as cool as it is, fundamentally it's a phone. you're supposed to make a phone call. >> still play your music on it and stuff. >> you can't even get a call. >> you saw the news conference? >> we wanted to see it but they wouldn't let
Jul 17, 2010 8:00am EDT
-american members of congress, the kind of folks who would call the first sitting member of the u.s. congress that happens to be gay the "f" word and call congressman -- congressman from kansas city, missouri, the "n" word. so that raises some concerns. we're simply calling upon them to actually notice that this being utilized that way. >> hillary, is it good enough that you heard -- you heard mark just a second ago, he rejects that type of stuff you are talking about. this is the leader of the tea party sitting right here with us. he repudiates that. how many leeaders do you need t come out and do that? >> they all really need to. quite frankly we know there are six national segments of the tea party movement. dick armey is one. they're obviously in different places and whatnot and they have different elements within their group. we also know within the tea party movement there are local tea party organizations as well. what we want to see is them all saying this is wrong. i was on television yesterday with a member of the tea party movement that simply rejected offhand that there
Jul 10, 2010 6:00am EDT
the u.s. and russia may have been a u.s. idea. always sh officials say it was discussed before the arrests were made. ten russian agents pleaded guilty in the united states on thursday for failing to register as foreign agents and ordered out of the country. an attorney confirmed six children of the agents have left the country. >>> and more than 500 u.s. drug agents and police in puerto rico in the middle of the biggest drug trafficking operation ever conducted. 158 people are indicted on drug and gun related charges. if convicted they could get life in prison. >>> all right. world cup wrapping up this weekend. big championship tomorrow. but today -- >> deeper. >> deeper because you talk about sports now. talking about man stuff. yeah. actually, today there's another match that, i don't know, does anybody care about this? >> yes. >> who gets third though? >> yes, i believe people really do care. >> if you care, then the third place game is today, today between germany, uruguay. talking about third place. playing for what? >> a trophy. >> a trophy. third place trophy? >> a ribbon?
Jul 31, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >> hotter than hot. we're talking about parts of the southeastern u.s. should be baking today. triple digit heat indexes are quite likely? ro reynolds wolf has your saturday forecast. what is it, hot, hotter and hotter? >> it is crazy in parts of the southeast. i mean, it's going to be one of those things where you walk across the pavement and your feet will melt. parts of south georgia will have temperatures going up to 115 degrees. that's what it's going to feel like with the high humidity and the high heat, it will be unbearable. we're talking about possibly having extreme heat across ten states in the southeast. so point taken and absolutely serious about this. you don't have to go outside today, by all means, don't. if you are going outside, early morning or during the evening hours. midday, especially by the mid to late afternoon hours, that's the heat is going to bear down. it's going to be difficult. as we look at the national perspective, you see the temperatures. that heat is going to spread not just from parts of the southeast but across portions of the central plansz, dall
Jul 24, 2010 6:00am EDT
and spots. new ageless vitality. save $20 at >>> a suspected u.s. drone attack killed 16 militants. five missiles are believed to have hit a compound. the region used to be a nerve center until an offensive chased most of the fighters away. >>> and 241 teachers were fired in d.c. because they failed an evaluation. 737 other teachers have been put on notice for minimally effective grading they received. >>> and tension between the two koreas as the united states and south korea go ahead with plans for massive joint military drills scheduled for tomorrow, north korea is threatening with nuclear deterrence. the u.s. says the drills are in response to the south korea war ship. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ your teddy bear ♪ put a chain around your neck ♪ and leave me anywhere >> not quite a teddy bear story but a bear none the less. a bear behind the wheel. a bit of a joyride. >> deputies piece together the tail this way. a neighbor heard a car horn at 3:00 a.m. came out to see this colorado family's car rocking back and forth. by the time the family got up and is went out
Jul 10, 2010 8:00am EDT
headlines today. first, the u.s. justice department confirming the well publicized swap of u.s. and russian espionage agents have been completed. it happened yesterday afternoon in i havienna, austria. the russians get six spies for them top four nationals working for western intelligent agencies. >>> also, a brutal story out of brazil. a soccer player, a soccer star, named by police in the disappearance and murder of a woman said to be his former girlfriend. he is refusing to answer questions right now, according to police. his name is bruno and he is one of seven people arrested in the case. some of the details, accuse of killing this woman and feeding her dismembered p eed body to d. more detail on this story ahead. >>> also, we are following thursday's heavy rains and flash flooding in oklahoma city. take a look at the pictures here. new threat today. more storms are possible in that region. state of emergency has been declared in 63 oklahoma counties after several days of heavy rain. kate? >>> it's really hard to believe but we are almost three months into the gulf oil disaster
Jul 31, 2010 8:00am EDT
widespread protests of sb-1070, the immigration law we're talking about. a u.s. district judge has blocked enforcement of the more controversial provisions of the law. >>> we saw some updates this week about the story of all those thousands -- tens of thousands of pages of military documents that were leaked to a website. the prime suspect is an army private by the name of bradley manning. he is now in solitary confinement in virginia. authorities believe he forwarded thousands of classified documents about the afghanistan war to the website wikileaks. cnn's sandra endoin washington for us with the very latest. sandra, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. military officials are investigating who leaked 76,000 pages of u.s. documents pertaining to the war in afghanistan to the website, as you mentioned, wikileaks. now private 1st class bradley manning remains their prime suspect so far. according to a military spokesperson, the 22-year-old from oklahoma was transferred from kuwait to quantico, virginia where he got a physical example and medical screenings. he's charged with
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10